The Thirsty Gecko…

What could I possibly blog about with a title like this?

Well, have you ever heard of a Speakeasy?

  • Today’s Speakeasy are often small and almost impossible to find bars with an intimate crowd and a good time to be had for all. Speakeasy’s are almost impossible to find. They are often nothing more than a none descriptive door and barely of any signage to be seen.

Anyway, the Thirsty Gecko resembles that in the sense that it’s quite hidden. You have to park on the side of the road and go through a dark drive way where a gentleman with a flashlight greets you at a gate and then tells you to follow the Gecko footsteps to get to the destination….

gecko footsteps

But once you get in, it gets less creeper and much more cooler from there!

Let me tell you this place is AWESOME and unique! Before I go into explaining my Friday night, I will start by telling you a little bit about it first.

The Thirsty Gecko is a place to be surrounded by nature, to forget about the world and experience the life around us. It’s a place to relax and to wake up your creative senses.

BUT it did not get that way on its own.

Lee (the owner of the property) has what I can imagine spent many days and nights, several sweats and possibly tears building and creating this beautiful place. And I know for a fact that he has also put lots of love and passion into what it is now!

Stacey (Lee’s girlfriend),  is helping him fill this place with even more love. Quick story, they reconnected at the Thirsty Gecko a while ago and fell in love. Stacey now loves on the plants and brings in some awesome bands to play during the weekends.

Last Friday, Stacey invited me and a few friends to join in on the fun.

Wow, I truly can’t explain in detail what I experienced or saw but when  you are there you feel like you are “Alice in wonderland”.

Neat things I experienced:

  • The bathroom… it was outdoors, entirely made by Lee. The walls were made from concrete and beer bottles.
  • The stage was surrounded by trees, and awesome colorful rugs
  • There was walks behind the stage that lead to more nature, to CHICKENS, and to a lake.
  • I met some awesome people!
  • Family friendly! They had a swing!!
  • There was food for everyone! Even those that was vegan or plant-based!


It truly was a special night.

Shak Nasti was playing that night and they were amazing. My friend Brooke even was able to be creative and sing with them. That was so sweet of them.


We explored, we laughed and eat, and we danced. I loved it!

If you are ever in South Florida, check this place out! It’s totally worth it.

I will leave you with a video of my soul sister playing with the band!! 🙂

A huge thank you to Lee AND Stacey for putting this magical place together for people to enjoy. We need more places like this, surrounded by Mother Nature and for us to be able to play!

Thirty Gecko’s Facebook!


SW 61 Ave (42.27 mi)
Davie, Florida 33314

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