Best Friend at FIRST SIGHT..

I am sure many of you have had “Love at first sight”.

You see that girl or guy and are amazed and think to yourself… “I am going to marry her/him.” I know I have.

But have you ever seen someone and instantly thought, yeah that person is my best friend.

Before I learned about spirituality and soul connections, I always thought you needed to get to know a person for a good amount of time (but really… what counts as a good amount of time?). I thought that we needed to build trust and share so many experiences before I could call someone my BEST FRIEND.

ALSO, I have way more than ONE best friend. I have too many to count on my both hands.


After I took a break from a friendship in which we were not serving each other at that period of time, my dear friend Kellyanne walked into my life shortly after that.

Kellyanne was invited to a silent meditation at Pure Life from a friend of ours. When she walked in I thought she was so beautiful and when she spoke I could just hear how cool and amazing she was.

She ended up chatting with me at my desk for a little while and honestly I cannot remember exactly what we talked about. I do remember her being vulnerable and honest about her herpes and instantly I was proud of her.

I don’t recall when or how I said it but I told her, “Um, you are my BEST FRIEND.” She giggled and gave me a look of, yeah sure. But deep down inside I meant it.

She came back that evening for a lecture we were having and when I saw her, my eyes lit up. I started dancing and literally telling EVERYONE this was my new best friend.

I am sure people thought I was a bit crazy but it did not feel crazy to me at all.

I remember telling people about her before they even met her.

“OMG, this girl came into Pure Life, her name is Kellyanne and she is my best friend.”

I RARELY EVER, EVER dance the way I did with anyone. You must be super special to get me that giddy and excited.

Kellyanne and I met at the beginning of April. Her, two other souls sisters, and I got tattoos that same month. That’s how strong of a bond her and I have.




Kellyanne is my soul sister, my wife, my mom, all the above, and more. I am blessed and thankful that she walked into my life. She brings out a side of me that was hidden for so long.

She always says that I love her unconditionally but she’s the one that loves me unconditionally. I am not perfect and I know there’s more work and healing to do in my life but she’s right next to me, loving me through the process.


We are not sure how we are connected. We assume we’ve lived SEVERAL past lives together. Our bond and connection is so strong; I know we are soul mates.



Kellyanne teaches me everyday and she expands my mind and knowledge like no one else has. She teaches me to speak up, to set boundaries and to know my self-worth. She teaches me to not give a FUCK about what anyone thinks. She challenges me and she is the one that encouraged me to do 100 days of raw eating.


Kellyanne is also one of the most talented women I have ever met in my life. The old me would probably have gotten jealous of her gifts but I am proud and honor to know her. I get to learn and practice my creative side with her and it’s AMAZING.

  • She’s an artist of all kinds
  • She host paint classes!
  • She is organized and an engineer! (the way her mind works is incredible)
  • A great RAW VEGAN COOK!
  • She is a Holistic Herpes Coach



This is her page if you want to check her out!!!

THANK YOU GOD, UNIVERSE, LOVE for my amazing soul sister.

Lastly, Kellyanne, myself, Cara and Shaina will be hosting a workshop called Ignite Your Inner Goddess for the whole month of August. If you are interested and want more information be sure to send me a message.


The workshop consists of the following:

  • Tapping into your intuition and inner child
  • Resources from expert healers
  • Feminine empowerment
  • Compassionate communication techniques
  • Accessing your higher self
  • Weekly giveaways




I love you all!

Dear Future Husband…

Does anyone else write letters to their future husband, pray for them or randomly send them love OR is it just me?!

After being single for over 3 years, there were times when I would get discouraged or have the feeling I would be alone forever.

As I was growing in my spirituality and learning to truly love who I am and be my authentic self, it was difficult to connect to the men around me and it seemed like the selection was getting smaller and smaller.

Sure, I dated several guys in the last 3 years but nothing that last more than a few weeks. As I look back, I realized two things.

  1. FILLING IN THE VOID: Instead of focusing on myself, I was going on dates to fill in the void of feeling “lonely”. I eventually decided to sit in that loneliness and realized I wasn’t alone; I had myself and God and of course all my loved one around me.
  2. I WAS WAITING: Sure I did date all these guys but like I said, nothing lasted more than a few weeks and in a way it was like I innately knew that these men were not going to be my HUSBAND and I wasn’t going to waste more time on them. In a strange way I was waiting for him.

So, in the past year something in me shifted. I began tapping into my spirituality and creating a relationship with God, I was loving myself and admiring my gifts and talents, I was confident and outspoken, I was living in bliss. My thoughts and mindset turned into happy and positive ones and I noticed so much love entering in my life. I also noticed that things I was manifesting were showing up as well.

Then one day out of the blue I was driving and I started thinking about my future husband and what he could be possibly doing. I turned the music down and I said “I hope where ever you are, that you are happy!” I hope he heard me. HA HA.

Anyway, a few days later I decided to write down a few things I would appreciate in a husband. Below are a few qualities that I jotted down:

  • Be present; not focused on the past or the future but show up everyday as present as possible. 
  • Has integrity; honest with his word and commitments to himself and to those around him. 
  • Has a sense of humor; is a clown that can make me laugh and make those around him smile.
  • He is confident when faced with challenges, thrives from it and enjoys learning from those experiences.
  • Knows that he has a purpose in life. 
  • Is filled with love, light, and joy. 
  • He is vegan (for his health and to save all the animals)
  • Loves traveling.
  • Loves nature and sitting in silence.
  • Enjoys hiking and going to the beach.
  • Spiritual
  • Has a powerful presence but is gentle at the same time
  • Loves giving hugs and holding hands

These are just some of the qualities I would love. In writing them down and sharing them, it’s like I am manifesting it to God and to the universe.

Honestly, the last couple of months I was sad and tired of being alone. I just wanted to cry because I saw all of my loved ones with a partner, getting engaged, married or having babies. I have gone through so much in my life the last 3 years and I wanted someone to share that with and someone to support me through it.

Oh but God knows exactly what He is doing in my life and he likes to remind me.

While I was reading “The Greatest Thing in the World” by Henry Drummond, a certain part stood out to me.

  • Love is Patience. This is the normal attitude of Love; Love passive, Love waiting to begin; not in a hurry; calm; ready to do its work when the summons comes, but meantime wearing the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. Love suffers long; beareth all things; believeth all things; hopeth all things. For Love understands, and therefore waits.


I believe that my love is out there and I am willing to wait and be calm until the day he walks into my world.

Deep down inside I knew that everything I was going through AND I am still going through is only preparing me. Could you imagine if I was in a relationship when I did not love myself, when I wasn’t confident? As I patiently wait for my husband, I will continue to share love and work on myself.

Now, you are patiently waiting to read the letter I wrote my future husband. I will not keep you waiting any longer. The letter is short but it’s from the heart.

Dear husband of mine,

                I am writing this to you, without knowing who you are, where you are, and what you may be doing. All I know is that I love you with all of my heart, as crazy as that sounds. For a time, I was scared to find love and be in love, I have been “heartbroken” before and that caused me to hide from the world. For the last couple of years, I have been working on myself, to better who I am, to be present, to be joyful and happy, and to be light in this world.

                We will meet when God and the universe intend us too. It will be perfect timing. All the time before was preparing us and making sure we were ready for one another. I have prayed and thought about you several times, I have cried wishing you were already with me. I have even spoken to you with words of love while I was driving. I am sending you lots of love wherever you were. I hope that you are smiling and that you are enjoying every single minute of your day and life.

                Love is a magical thing. I can’t wait to share it with you, to hold your hand, hug you and kiss you, my dear.


Your wife. 



Okay, there you go. I will probably write more letters to him but I wanted to share with you my heart and thoughts.

As I walk through life and I see my family and friends in relationships and marriages and even as I see other people with loved ones, it feels my heart with joy that one day I will be able to experience that. Thank you for sharing your love for one another.

For those that are also patiently waiting for their loved one, I pray for you that as you do wait that you are filled with joy and light. I hope that you love yourself so much, that the love that does enter your life only magnify’s it even more and you share that with those around you.

As always, I love all of you so very much.

With love, light, and gratitude.


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How I got through my first Father’s day without my dad

My daddy was a loving, generous, and caring man. The most important things in his life were God and his family. He was always willing to help others out and he never judged anyone. He loved to laugh and make fun of people, sometimes too much but he knew never to take life too seriously. He was a hard worker and sacrificed so much for our family. My daddy didn’t finish middle school but he eventually took the risk to move to the US from Argentina and ended up doing what he loved, he became a tailor. It took hard work but he placed food in our mouths, a roof over our heads, clothes on our body but most importantly he loved us with all of his heart. When I was six years ago, things took a turn when my daddy had a stroke. He was in rehab for several months. He had faith in God though, he may have ended up with a limb but he owned it and became a stronger person because of it.


When I was about twenty one, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, this caused him some pain and it was difficult for him to perform regular tasks anymore but my mom was always there for him. Just a couple of years ago they told us that he also had Alzheimer’s, this was hard news to hear. My father would forget what day it was or what he ate, sometimes he would even forget who my mom was. When I went to visit him last year, he thought I was my sister for a couple of days. My mom told me that he always remembered me, many times he would remember me as a child. Talking on the phone with him was one of the hardest things, he would always repeat himself and ask the same questions and I probably cried every time I hung up the phone. I wish I would have called him more though. But the two same things remained the same, his love for God and his family.

My plan was to go visit my family and my parents in March 2016, my daddy passed away on January 22, 2016 of a heart attack. I was two months away from seeing him, TWO. I didn’t understand, one day he was fine and the next he was in the hospital. I got the phone call from my mother at 7:30 PM and immediately went home, laid on the floor and was hysterically crying. All these thoughts ran through my head like I won’t be able to hold his hand, hug him, tell him I love him; my daddy won’t be at my wedding, my children will not met their grandpa, he won’t be here when I need someone to talk to.

For the past several months, I’ve been trying to deal with all my emotions from not only my father passing away but things that have happened in my past.

This was my first Father’s day without my dad. For the last few weeks, I’ve been worried about it, I didn’t know how I was going to process it and handle the day or what I should even do.

My original plan was to go hang gliding but I decided not to because I didn’t want to run away from my emotions, like I normally do. At my counseling session, I told my therapist that I wasn’t sure what to do on Father’s day. She then told me to ask myself, “What does a successful Father’s day look like to you? Will you do things he used to love doing? Are you going to go through pictures? Will you have honored and celebrated him?” This help me put things into perspective and for the past couple of weeks, I started thinking of what I wanted to do.

I decided that I would I spend the day remembering my father and let myself go through every emotion I would encounter. This is what my Father’s Day look liked…

Every Father’s day we would either go to Ihop or some breakfast diner to celebrate. Dad would always get the eggs sunny side up with toast, hash browns and sausage and I would always get the scrambled eggs with pancakes. So after I went to the gym, I went to Ihop to have breakfast because it was our tradition. I loved picturing my parents in front of me, laughing and smiling with each other.


I remember my dad always inviting me to church every single Sunday. When I was in my teens, I decided not to go anymore because I thought I had better things to do. But every single Sunday he would invite me, and every single day he would pray.. He consistently told me to pray and any chance he had he would bring God into the conversation. I truly admire him for that. It’s funny, when my parents moved to Chile I was going to church on my own without anyone asking me or telling me to, for years I was stubborn but now I know he was leading me to the right path. After breakfast, I went to church with some friends. My father was such a Godly man and he always had faith in the Lord, no matter the situation, my daddy knew everything would be okay.


After church I went to the movies to see Finding Dory. I literally starting crying as soon as I sat down in the theater. Maybe it was because I was watching it alone, maybe it was the fact that everyone there was with their families, or just because it was Father’s Day. The movie was about Dory losing her parents and trying to find them, and of course I was tearing the entire movie. I let myself cry though. At that moment,  many memories of my father and I started rushing back to me. All the times I would sit on the floor in his work space as he was tailoring suits, or the times I would hang out outside as he was gardening. Those times were so long ago but it seemed like it was just yesterday that he was with me.


As soon as I got home, I sat on the couch in the exact same spot he used to watch soccer. He absolutely loved soccer and probably watched it any chance he could. Wherever he is, I am sure he is thrilled that Argentina beat Venezuela on Saturday. I turned on the television and put on a soccer game because I know that’s something he would have love to do. While I was watching the game, I pulled a Father’s day card from my purse and I wrote to him in Spanish. I then got a blank piece of paper and decided to write him a letter, letting him know I’m sorry for not cherishing the time we had together but thanking him for everything that he has taught me.

The next part of my day was to watch family videos. The first one that I watched was when he visited Chile after he had a stroke and went through therapy. I just saw him smiling the whole time and every single family member was there showing him love. By this time of day, my eyes were swollen and pretty red from all the crying. The second video touched my heart. It was the first video of when I was a baby, at the beginning of the video my mother and father are sitting down on the couch and recorded a message just for me. They said that this was made so I would have memories of my childhood and that they loved me very much and that I hope I know how much I mean to them. I had no idea that they did that, it was definitely a special moment and I was hysterically crying, again. Hearing my dad’s voice again made me very emotional but it was just wanted I needed.

My friend George and his wonderful girlfriend Vicky invited me to dinner and I cannot be more thankful for them letting me be a third wheel. For a few hours, I was distracted. I was able to talk about life and smile in general. But there was never a moment in which I didn’t think about my dad. I was actually remembering that George was the first guy friend I had over to the house and I was always nervous to bring a guy over because of my dad. But my dad loved him and even with his Alzheimer’s disease he remember several of my friends and one of them being George. My father loved joking around with my friends but I loved that about him. He always made anyone feel welcomed in the house and he made them part of the family. I can still remember my dad greeting all my friends when they walked in the door.

When I got home I watched some more  videos and went through more pictures of my father. He was something special. I miss him more and more each day but he will always be in my heart.

I would say that this Father’s Day was successful to me. I cried and I laughed, I remembered all the great times we spent together, and celebrated him as best as I could. I was blessed that God choose him as my father. I could not be more thankful. It’s the strangest feeling but even though he passed away I feel even closer to him now than ever before. I understand him and I feel like he understands me and I keep learning so much more about him. I know wherever he is, he wants me to be happy and that’s what I am striving for. I will be happy for me and for him.


For those who have lost a family member or a friend, I know, it’s one of the hardest things in the world. At times, you just want to cry and that’s fine but also do not forget to celebrate them. Death is part of life, it coming for us too. Cherish the moments you had with that person and also cherish the moments you have right now because you do not know what will happen tomorrow. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, make memories, enjoy life, and smile. I love my daddy very much and nothing will ever change that.

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Beautiful people, I am here for you. Whether you lost someone, are going through a hard time, having trouble finding happiness, I am here sending you love from the other side of the computer screen. Feel free to contact me and share your story with me. I love you and I hope you are able to find your joy.