Who else are you kissing?

I was thinking, people normally kiss their partners on their lips but do you/they kiss anyone else?

Also, let’s set aside the thought of, “well that would be considered cheating!”. This topic is more than that and not even about cheating.

I know I used to kiss my parents on the lips till I became a teenager and thought that was weird but I still witness other people kiss their parents on their lips till this day as they say hello or goodbye to them.

The other day I was watching Baywatch and a guy that is dating a lifeguard kissed two other women that were not his girlfriend on the lips as a hello and congratulations. It was so normal for them.

Does anyone else kiss their friends on the lips as a greeting and a sweet gesture of love?

I’ve always thought that this would be cool, to feel so comfortable around your loved ones and pop kiss them. To me, it could be just like a hand shake or hug.

And then the other question come up, why do we feel comfortable with some people and not others? I could totally see myself kissing some friends and not others.

I guess some of the reasons could be, that I fear they would make something more out of it; sexualize the moment or that I would do the same. Maybe that’s why I feel comfortable with some and not others, maybe I can tune in to their energy. The other thing is being judged by others, even writing this post, I can feel people, parents, friends, judging me for even considering kissing someone on the mouth that’s isn’t my “partner”.

And even bringing it to my “partner”, my loved one is huge. Joey and I actually watched the scene together and I even said out loud, that it would be cool if we could do that with friends and loved ones.

I actually remember a friend that was totally comfortable with being nude, I believe (I may be wrong) but she would attempt to kiss me near the lips and I was always so resistant and I even thought to myself, “does she like me?”. Now that I look back, I honestly feel she was comfortable with herself. WOW, there I go making it all sexual and believing she was interested in me. (And even if she was, who cares!)

Now the other question or thought comes up. How do you begin to do this with loved ones? Bring it up, ask who feels comfortable doing this? And if they have partners, would they be cool with it? SO MUCH.

I recently watched an episode of Modern Family where a guy was introducing himself to a woman and he asked if he could hug her and she said no BECAUSE she greets with kissing on the mouth and grabbed him and kissed him. (I literally watched this a day after I start writing this post and added this in!)

I’m just going to let the energy flow and if some day I kiss my friends and family on the lips it will happen naturally.

ALSOOOOOOO, ugh. I am noticing how much sexualizing people do when it comes to people being nude, kissing, touching each other. Yes it can be a sexual act but it also doesn’t have to be.

For the first time ever, I went into the pool naked with a few close friends. We actually talked about why it felt uncomfortable at first and most of the responses was being scared of being sexualized or being looked at. But when given the opportunity to look and be curious (exploring with the eyes, not hands), the sexual energy dissipated and it was normal. I actually feel so cool taking my clothes off in front of them now but I noticed how uncomfortable I do get in front of other people. I feel safe around them to be physically naked and emotionally naked when it comes to my emotions and feelings.

It feels really good writing about this and getting it out there. I feel some healing happening within myself by just writing this.

Thank you again for getting to this point and reading my posts. I truly enjoy writing about my life and having a space to express it.

I love you all. Have a MAGICAL day.

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