The story of HOW I become a Birth Doula…

I realized I haven’t shared or updated you about what is going on in my life and where my life path has taken me these past several months.

WELL…. I AM A BIRTH DOULA, you could also call me a Birth supporter, Birth worker, Birth Educator.

For those who don’t know what a Birth Doula is or does, essentially for me it’s a friend, a sister, someone that is there for the mother, the family for emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and educational support before, during and after labor. A Doula is there to encourage the mama to go within and find her truth, have her experience a birth she truly desires and just to hold space throughout the whole process.

Before I talk about my story and what sparked my interest in being in birth work, I want to say a few things.

  • I had no previous interest in birth and I was still debating if I wanted children or not.
  • I knew absolutely nothing about pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period… nothing! (Well, only what I have seen in the movies AND I cringed now see how misleading and misinformed movies and shows are about these topics!)
  • All I knew was that the best skill I had was holding space for people and listening.

So, in May of 2019 my friends told me that they were pregnant… THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE A CHILD. To be honest, I was shocked at first, I didn’t show much excitement and did not know what to say. But as the days went on I really loved the idea of having a baby in our group!

A couple months passed and my partner and I decided that we were going to go across the country to California to help our friends move out there and possibly look for land for us to live on. The one thing that was hard for me to leave behind were my two friends and their baby that was just developing. So, Joey and I went, we drive through many states, visited some friends, made it to California and realized that we wanted to go back to Florida…

On the way back, we saw many signs with the name Willow on it, which is what our friends were going to call the baby. I kept seeing the name Willow, more and more signs and for some reason the words seems to get bigger and BIGGER, as if Willow was speaking to us, to me, saying to come home. We even began singing Willow’s name so she knew we were coming.

Joey and I were gone for about a month, we got back home the last week of August. The moment I got home and began chatting about birth with my friends, there was a spark of interest that began. I started asking mom’s questions on Facebook about pregnancy, labor and the postpartum. I started learning more about natural home births. I was questioning everything and why wasn’t there more information, support, education.

It’s like the excitement I didn’t have initially was intensified by this spark.

One day, a friend sent me a link to a free Doula Workshop by Indie Birth that was going to be in a few days. It was interesting because a few days prior I was looking into possibly getting certified and checking online for programs. When I attended this online workshop, I was blown away. I knew that it was for me. Well, I knew but was still hesitant if I should take it or not, it wasn’t until a couple days before the course started that I finally made up my mind and signed up. (I was in fear of taking the next step; I am so happy I did!)

I began the course in October 2019 and completed my training February 2020, LITERALLY just in time for Willow’s birth.

Throughout those four months, I learned SO MUCH, especially about autonomous physiological births and how beautiful and sacred the whole process is. I learned an even deeper understand of holding space especially for mamas. I just knew that this role was something I could do with ease, with love, with understanding.

Before I took the course, I kept having dreams of being in a classroom. I did not understand it until I was excited to be on the computer for hours and hours on end, learning, listening, writing, typing… Oh and any chance I could I was talking about birth, asking questions and sharing my knowledge of what I had just learned with others. I never thought I would enjoy the thought of being a student and there I was, sparks in my eyes and an overwhelming joy in my heart that this opportunity had presented itself to me!

I’m in awe and in gratitude that I am at this point in my life where I can serve women, see their full potential, feel and hear their truth and honor their desires. I am honored that I get the opportunity to love and encourage mamas throughout this beautiful moment in their lives.

This role as a Doula is one that is challenging, in the sense that I am learning so much about myself, to stay true and authentic about what I believe in and still staying understanding and compassionate for other’s people’s desires and choices. I am learning how to hold space in a completely new and deeper way. I am acknowledging that I have a lot of love and wisdom within me AND that I am also still young and new to this and I am learning and growing with each and every experience. Knowing that each mama is unique and different in her own way, also helps me know that I am unique and different too.

For those wondering, I did attend Willow’s birth on February 4th this year. It was truly a beautiful experience and I am blessed that, that was my first home birth I attended. Well funny, I actually told my friends that they don’t feel obligated to have me there and the plan was not to have me there but then I got the call and made it 30 minutes before baby Willow made her entrance into the world.  I would actually love to write a separate blog post about that experience and process with you everything that I have learned and has helped me heal.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I am excited to share more about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period with you.

I love you all.

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