Getting Ready for Pregnancy…

I feel like I haven’t written in a while…

My last post was about having a YouTube channel and I’ve been more focused on creating videos and forgot about my love for free writing and just writing in general.

In my journey I have been feeling so much more comfortable with actually using my voice but today something rekindled my love for writing.

So my topic of this evening is Getting Ready for Pregnancy…. (interesting thing, I actually created two videos about this but somehow I feel like I have to actually type out how I am feeling and my thoughts around this topic).


My partner and I have talked a lot about eventually having babies but that probably won’t be at least for another year or more.


AH, it’s kind of hard to explain but also super simple. SO, let’s first start off with what I am doing to GET READY FOR PREGNANCY and then we will get into the Bigger Picture stuff.


I guess you’d think this might be one of the most obvious and simple ones to do and this might be me assuming but I think that most people in the U.S. either start doing this a few months before they actually get pregnant or when they actually are pregnant and probably most don’t even really think or care about this part.

But imagine if your food lifestyle isn’t the best and then you find out your pregnant and NOW YOU WANT TO EAT HEALTHY FOR YOUR BABY?

But here’s the thing, your body is changing, hormones are happening, life is going on, you are getting ready for the baby. So when you are hungry you may just grab the chips and the not so healthy food just because you feel like it. (I am also not saying you can’t have them but in moderation.)

At least for me and my experience, I want to start having meals with lots of leafy greens, vegetables, herbs, having lots of colorful and bright fruits. I want to start NOW by understanding my body, figuring out what my body needs and wants in terms of mineral, nutrition, etc. That way when I am pregnant it feels a bit easier and less stressful to be honest.

Yes, I may crave process foods and sweets but by actually practicing healthy eating in my daily life it will probably help me seek other options. Also, my intention is to eat Real Whole Foods any way but now I am thinking about my future baby (well, babies) as well.

Detoxing, Cleansing, Purifying

In my path, I believe this is super important to cleanse in several types of way. I know that there a lots of chemicals, pesticides, toxins in our foods, in our environment, and in our water.

So for me, this part is huge.

I also want to make it clear that when I am pregnant I will not be doing most of these since it won’t be safe for the baby and I, so it is important to me to be detoxing, cleansing and purifying now.

I am going to write down some of the things I do and will be doing (and some things may work for me now and not later, and I may change some of these things as I see fit.)

  • Fasting – this could include intermittent fasting, water fasting, or juice fasting (meaning I will only be eating for example between the hours of 12 pm and 8 pm, only drinking water for 1 to 3 days or only drinking juice and that could be a couple weeks at a time.) Please do your research if you are interested in doing this.
  • Mono meals or Raw meals – this means that for a day or a few days I will only eat one certain type of fruit or starting the month of January I will be eating Raw for a few weeks (I will only eat fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, etc that do not need to be cooked; no animal products as I am plant based).
  • Enemas and/or colonics
  • Sweating – I have been attending Native American Sweat Lodges and it’s been very healing and purifying, or I will be going to saunas or hot yoga.
  • Herbal teas
  • Breath work

I am sure there will be more but that is all I can think of at the moment…


Honestly, I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been a couch potato.

But I want to start moving more, stretching my body, walking, doing yoga at home or taking a class, I’ll be starting Zumba again but just dancing in general.

I believe movement is important for my body and especially for eventually wanting to create a human being. Plus I am sure movement and flexibility will help during my birth.

Healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually

I know this could mean different things to people but for me it means taking the time to be present with myself and heal anything that may come up.

I believe physically I will be doing most of it will the food, cleansing and movement but just being aware of my body.

I feel like being aware of where I am at Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually is huge for me. I think it’s important to think about all these areas when considering having a baby and bringing a child into this world.

There is SO MUCH going on now with having to work all the time, worrying about paying the bills, going to school, having to take care of the other kids, comparing yourself with people on social media, having to have the latest style or the latest iPhone.

I am going to be really honest with I have done in my journey to release and clear any fears, any programs that society has taught me, and trying to be in my heart instead of in my Ego. There will be things that you may not resonate with or things you may not know about (please feel free to ask me questions).

Here are some of the things that have helped me heal and just remind me of WHO I AM:

  • Meditation and Breath work – these have been huge helps in my journey. I have had times where I have been in one of theses sessions and I have cried, I have yelled, I have shivered and just have released all the stuck energy in my body AND after I have felt so clear, so light, and just amazed by what I expelled.
  • Energy healing sessions – I have had someone work on me with Reiki, I’ve done past life regressions, energy healing with sound bowls, I have worked with a sex coach and a tantra coach. Each and every time I moved through something I have been holding on to and just felt free.
  • Plant medicine – I have done Plant Medicine with Shamans in a safe space and worked through so much. What a beautiful experience to work with Mother Nature and heal with her medicine. I feel like I have even connected very briefly with the spirit of my baby. I remember even crying to my baby, just knowing how much I love them and how much I wanted them to be here and something in me said I still have some healing work to do.
  • Attended Workshops – Some were a couple hours and other a few days worth. They’ve been spiritual ones and it’s so interesting to experience activities in a group, sharing, being vulnerable, listening to others, all while learning and growing as a person.
  • Journaling – This has been a huge one. When I journal I am honest, I am vulnerable, and transparent, I don’t hold back. I write what is on my heart and on my mind. I ask myself questions that cause me to reflect and tap deep within my soul. This is one of the most healing things I can ever do.
  • Being in the present moment – This one is super simple. I take time to actually be present. I don’t think about the past or the future. I am in the now and somehow so much healing and gratitude comes up when I am in that space.
  • Feeling – By that I mean am going through my feelings and emotions and honor them. Some days I am super happy and other days I may feel sad or a bit upset. I understand that each emotion is important and sacred. It’s part of who I am and if I am feeling a certain way, I let myself and then I open the space to see why I am feeling that way and get to know myself even more!
  • Dreams – I have processing so much in my dreams. If I don’t dream, it’s a sign for me that I am eating too late, I am eating too heavy, AND/OR that I have not been really processing my emotions. I have very vivid dreams and I know I am doing work in that world.

I am sure that there will be many more opportunities for me to tap into who I am truly emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I believe that my baby will feel and take on anything I am going through while I am pregnant. I know that things will come up during pregnancy but knowing how to work through any emotions, I can do it with ease and love and teach my baby that it’s possible.

Trusting my intuition and my womanly instincts

I really don’t think many think about this at all.

So by trusting my intuition and trusting my body, I will be practicing asking myself what I need instead of asking outside sources for guidance. (I know some guidance may be needed at times) but I think that we all depend on others for so much.

Again, we live in a world where we are distracted with work, school, bills, OUR PHONES, that sometimes instead of taking a moment to tap within and see what we actually need, we go to someone that will do it for us. It’s easier, more convenient, and we don’t have to think about it.

This one is a huge one and I will probably will offend people but…..

Most of you want someone else accountable and responsible for your birth and baby. Most of you will probably be the victim or blame others. (By this I mean you will go to doctors to answer all your questions, you will depend on technology to tell you how your baby is doing but I’d like to remind you that you can do most of that yourself!)



SORRY, if it sounded harsh. I will take ownership and will talk to myself. I will be taking responsibility for my birth and for my pregnancy. I will be using this time to really look within and see what feels good and right for me and hoping to do the same when I am pregnant. Well, not only listen to myself but actually take time and be present with my baby and their needs.

Learning and Getting Education


Most women don’t even know how their body works or what things it does during the month.

HECK, to be honest, I was one of the women and kind of still am. I am in the process of learning my body!

Anyways what I am doing is reading, listening to podcasts, watching birthing videos (and watching more natural home births).

I know some people don’t really enjoy the education part and it can feel overwhelming but I am going to be brutally honest and this is my perspective but I think if you are wanting to have a baby, having some basics knowledge on what is going on is really important.

Here’s why!

  • The medical world wants you to believe in what they believe in and sometimes their way ain’t with it! So being educated is important especially with what testing may occur during your pregnancy (why are they testing you? Do you actually need it?) and learning about the possible interventions during birth (epidurals, being induced, episiotomy, coached pushing, C-sections.) Here’s a cool model:
    • B – Benefits: What are the benefits? ASK, RESEARCH, FIND OUT.
    • R – Risks: What are the risks!? It is riskier to take the test or do the intervention than not doing it?!
    • A – Alternatives: What are the alternatives? What other options are there? ASK, READ ABOUT THEM, DO RESEARCH
    • I – Intuition: Follow your intuition, follow your gut!
    • N – Nothing: Do nothing. Do you actually have to do all the tests, all the things they are asking for? I mean back in the day we didn’t have all this stuff and babies came out fine!
  • FEAR – I know not all hospitals and doctors are this way but many come from a place of FEAR mostly because they have policies, they have rules and regulation and they don’t want to get sued. So they may try to place fear for you to do something when it may not even be needed. But by being knowledgeable and educated you can prevent this!

I am sure there’s other reasons  but I can’t think of them at the moment (since I am free writing).

I also want to say just because I am doing all the research, reading, listening, watching does not mean that I will also depend on all of this either. I try to take time to myself and see what feels good for me, what resonates with me and I leave behind what doesn’t.

I am not completely against the medical field but in my perspective I don’t think that they know how sacred birth is.

WAIT, they actually probably know how magical and sacred birth is but society in general is scared of what could happen if women birth wildly and how they wanted. (I am kind of getting into the BIGGER PICTURE part… oops).


I know this blog has been lengthy and I will try to keep this part shorter.

Gosh, how do I explain this. I tend to see the bigger picture most of the time.

If we were intentional on how we were having birth, if we were tapping into our bodies, our spirit and into our babies, I feel that there would be so much healing in life and for Mother Earth.

If I live as if I were always creating a baby inside me, by eating healthy, being present, honoring my feelings and emotions, actively listening to my body (and eventually my baby) and just being kind to myself and to others what a world we would live in.

And this is why I always say that everyone is my child. I am not going to blame a mother for a crying baby, I will tap in and just honor her, love her, and be her. I will not get annoyed, frustrated, and distracted but I will be understanding and calm.

Birth to me is sacred. It’s a woman creating life inside of her (WHAT A MAGICAL THING) but most see birth as this medical event, as if women were just machines producing this product. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, think about it. If women in the hospital “fail to progress”, it’s the women’s “fault” and the doctor has to do all this stuff to “get the baby out”.


Babies now a days are coming out on the doctor’s time, with all these interventions, and tools and all these hands on them. DUDE, let the baby be. It’s like we are forcing them to be what society is molding them to be. (Sorry getting passionate again…. ha.)

I know I view birth in a completely different way than most. I am not working, so most of my time is being still, being calm and going within. I know many people don’t have the time to spend with themselves and many may not understand my perspective.

I want you to know that I am NOT judging any way you choose to give birth and how you want to go about your pregnancy. I honor you and I understand we are different. I am hoping to plant a seed and give you a different view.

My hope is that women feel empowered with their bodies, mind and spirit and feel empowered to have the birth they actually want. May women feel like they can question what they thought was once true for them.

Bigger Picture there would be more options for women to give birth at home and for women to give birth at hospitals if they choose and feel supported by the medical team. (The medical team works for you, not the other way around!)

Honestly, I feel a bit disorganized in this last section. I may have to do a completely different blog but I feel like there is so much to say and express to you all in this area.

I am becoming a Doula as well and this is why I feel so passionate about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, all of it. It’s all so close to my heart now.

Thank you for reading. If I have offended you, it’s only to challenge you and possibly question your beliefs but I honor whatever feels true to you! I appreciate you.

I love you.

Below I have my YouTube videos and some books/resources/podcasts I have been reading.



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