“Are you two dating?”…

I originally wanted to write about Joey and I’s realization that we are Twin Flames and how we are navigating the world together BUT before I got all spiritual and deep about the relationship we have, I thought I would just be open, honest and vulnerable about us.

I will post about our Twin Flame bond in the future but if you don’t know what it means, I encourage you to look it up. Maybe you have found or met your Twin Flame as well.

So let me begin…

Joey and I are not like everyone else. We actually have many people interested in our relationship. Let me just inform you we are not “IN” a relationship or at least we are not in a relationship that society and the world would call, “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, we are Joey and Karina.


We are two individuals that have found each other and have unconditional love for one another.

I have several people ask about Joey and I, several times a week. It’s quite comical actually. These are some of the things I get asked or said to me…

  • You and your boyfriend are adorable. You two remind me of my husband and I when we were younger.
  • You and Joey are so cute together. 
  • Are you two dating yet? 
  • Seriously though, what are you two doing? Are you two going to date yet?
  • SOOOOOO. What’s up with you and Joey? 
  • Oh, is that your new boyfriend? 

I have literally had a couple of friends upset that we are hanging out as much as we do and haven’t made it what they would call “official”. HAHA. This honestly makes me laugh and I love confusing and challenging people.

If you are wondering, why are people asking and saying these things and we aren’t even dating, well I will help you understand why.

Joey and I have a special bond. We both knew that there was some type of connection when we met.

We literally have unconditional love for each other and aren’t afraid to show it. To most people, the things that we do could have one believe we are dating.

For instance, we hold and hug each other for minutes at a time, feeling like we are both melting into each other. It literally feels like our souls and bodies are intertwining with one another.

There’s time when we will randomly hold hands while driving or walking down the street. 

We will be shopping or hanging out with friends and we will kiss each other’s cheeks or forehead.

We will tell each other, “I love you” like 100 times a day or more and it still feels like it isn’t enough.  

Yes, we have talked about dating and we have an open communication and understanding of each other’s needs and we decided that it isn’t best to date or label what we have, right now.

We also talked and decided that starting a relationship especially a sexual one wasn’t what we need at the moment. Plus that’s not how we wanted to start anything anyway, we both are very intuitive and emotional human beings and we knew that our bond was stronger than that.


We may date in the future or we may just keep what we have right now OR we may end up finding other people to date. We are just in the present moment and enjoying it one day at a time.

And we know that no matter what happens in life or tomorrow that we truly unconditionally love each other.

We are learning from our past relationships, and from relationships around us and we are learning from the relationship that we currently have.

In just four short months, Joey and I have experienced so much together. We have laughed, cried, we have had some serious conversations and we’ve had so many goofy moments and felt like children, and we’ve gone through many spiritual growths and journeys.

Throughout all our experiences, all I have felt from Joey is love, unconditional love. I’ve never had to hide or be afraid of saying something dumb or stupid, I’ve felt accepted and supported for being exactly who I am.

All I have for Joey is love. I’ve never seen and experienced what I have with him with anyone.

I see his soul, his pureness, his love, and his potential. I can feel and see his beautiful purpose in this life. I never want to change him and hold him back, I want him to growth and learn and love and experience all that life has to give. I just want to love and support him through his journey.

I’ve expressed this to several people and I actually had a friend ask me:

“Wow, that’s beautiful. I am sure you miss him when he is not around!?”

When I sat back and thought about what I was going to respond and I was in shock and found myself smiling.

“No, actually I don’t miss him.”

At that moment I realized that I truly make myself happy and that I have full faith and trust in God. And I was just extremely thankful that Joey was even in my life.


I am writing this because I am so blessed and filled with so much joy that we are two conscious individuals that are able to love ourselves so much that we are able to form this bond with one another.

I was always the one to care what people thought and I always wanted to please others.

People will continue to ask about Joey and I, they may challenge me and question what I am doing or not doing with him.


GOOD. Keep it coming because all it’s doing is creating even more unconditional love for myself, for Joey and for the world. And it’s teaching us how to communicate and how to trust the flow of life.

I love Joey so much and I am not afraid to show it or to say it. There literally will not be enough words or ways of showing it to truly explain the amount of love I have for him. I am truly blessed that I have this kind of love in my life.


I was actually contemplating even posting about this. Part of me was scared of what might Joey think when I wrote about him or what others would say or think. But my heart and soul was telling me to write about this.

I believe that people need to read about it. Maybe this will help some people show love to those they care about more often, or it will give them the courage to kiss someone on the cheek or forehead, to hold someone’s hand randomly or maybe even have an open and honest conversation with someone and not have a fear of being TOO VULNERABLE.

I love, love, in any form that it presents itself.

Joey, thank you for being you and showing me a love I never thought could be possible.

God, thank you for placing Joey in my life, for giving me the gift of loving fearlessly and for giving me the courage to post this blog but most importantly, thank for opening my heart to loving myself.

I love you all.







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  1. I liked reading this and how you and your friend such have a close relationship [friendship] with one another. I think it’s the pressure and expectations that people put on some people when pushing two close people to date. Whatever happens in your life, I hope you still have your best friend and that something as beautiful as that, isn’t ruined! 🙂

    – Stephanie

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