My first Tinder date…

My first tinder date was two years ago on Valentine’s day (02/14/2016)…

Most of my friends and family may be surprised to find out I was even on tinder.

Before I even downloaded it, I thought it was stupid and told myself I would NEVER EVER have it. Yet I am here writing to you about my first date…. on tinder.

Why did I even download it, you ask? Well, my dad passed away a few weeks prior to this and I had no idea how to handle the situation. What better way than to fill in that void than to try to meet guys and not have to think about it. I guess every one handles death differently.

The first week felt like an addiction, swiping left and right, messaging a few guys here and there and having their attention. Until the night before Valentine’s day I ended up chatting with this funny and sarcastic guy, I am not much of a sarcastic girl but I found myself playing along.

We exchanged numbers, we talked about how we were going to “meet” the next day (I thought we were being sarcastic) and how he was going to get me flowers and I was going to get him chocolates. It was all cute.

Next thing we know it’s Valentine’s day. As I was heading to the mall (never go to the mall on Valentine’s day… it’s so packed), tinder guy (we are going to call him J) texts me to ask when and where we were meeting.

I starting panicking. I was nervous and kept talking to myself…

  • “Karina, are you really doing this?”
  • “Shit, what if he is crazy?”
  • “Karina! Just freaking meet up with him”
  • “If you don’t like him, just leave…”

We decided where to meet and before I left the mall, I decided to buy him chocolates as a joke.

We met at the park. As soon as he got out of the car, my heart was overwhelmed. HE GOT ME FLOWERS!!!!! And here I was with his box of chocolates. SO FREAKING CUTE, RIGHT?!

I was so nervous that I wouldn’t know what to say or there would be some awkward silence. But it was like we already knew each other. We talked about life, our travels, and how he was my first tinder date.

  • Let me tell you a few facts about J
    • He was from California
    • He was only in Florida for two weeks
    • He had an RV

Unconsciously, I feel in love with him for that moment because I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. I knew that this would be a fun adventure to get my mind off other things.

I think we should totally make a movie about us… ha ha. Just Kidding.

We walked the park for about two hours, we had lunch at Pollo Tropical, went to the movies and then grabbed a drink at the bar. When it was time to leave he kissed me AND…. we ended up kissing for another 2 hours in my brand new car.

Then we ended up back at his RV where we made out till like 5 AM. (Well I guess it isn’t Valentine’s day anymore huh?)

Well this little love story lasted for two weeks, where we hung out, made out and had some more fun in his RV, explored the town of West Palm and just enjoyed each other’s company.

But the night I knew that no one would ever compare to him on tinder was the night we were in his RV and I was vulnerable and open about my dad’s passing. He just held me, told me it was okay to feel what I was feeling and then we planned to see the manatee’s the next day.

Then it came time for him to leave. I said good-bye to him that day, gave him a huge hug and told him I would see him around.

That night, I went on another date with some guy on tinder. He tried to kiss me at the end of the night, I turned my head (poor guy…) then left. I sat in my car and cried my eyes out. I am not sure if it was because J left or because I didn’t have anything to fill in the void anymore.

Here are some pictures are our last day in Florida together… (I wasn’t sure if he wanted to be exposed so I covered his face with colorful colors!)


OUR STORY DOESN’T END THERE. I saw J two times after that.

A month later, him and his brother were in Georgia with their RV. I happen to be driving to Tennessee for a wedding and then made a stop in Georgia afterwards. We had some breakfast and exchanged our good-byes once again.

This was us at breakfast in Georgia!

Then later that year, my cousin was getting married in California. I decided to go to Lake Tahoe for a couple of days and met J and his brother there where we hiked for several hours and just spent some time together. Small world huh?

This was at 6 AM on our hike to Mount  Tallac


J and I were always meant to meet.

Something even crazier happened.

We both knew that we would be going to Africa at some point in our life. Turns out J and his brother were both traveling the same day I was when I was going to Africa. Like, how does that even happen, the same day?! They were going to Kenya and I was headed to Zimbabwe. But how freaking crazy that we were on the same continent at the same time.

J and I haven’t talked for about a year now. But he will always by in my heart and I am thankful for downloading Tinder when I did. For those two weeks my heart was happy. That was definitely one of the coolest Valentine’s day I’ve had.

Yes, I did go on a few more dates after that but they never compared to my first date.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

I wanted to share my story with everyone. Because you truly never know who you will meet in your life, whether that’s in school, your job, or even on Tinder.

It’s true how the saying goes.

“Some people are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”

It’s kind of like he was all three.

Those two weeks with J did a few things for me. I had fun, I was able to be myself (I wasn’t because of a previous relationship), I had confidence, and got me out of my comfort zone.

If you ever thought about getting on a dating app and questioned yourself. Eh, screw it, just give it a try. You might just find your “soulmate”. ha ha.

Thank you for letting me tell you this part of my journey.

Like always, I love you with all of my heart. You all are awesome.


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