Day 2: Bone Broth Cleanse

Hello there!

Today was a day two of the cleanse.

I am still going strong… I have drank all 6 cups of bone broth and 64 ounces of water.

My body is feeling the opposite though. I woke up with the sensation I was going to get sick. I was fairly weak, felt fatigued, and even had some brain fog.

I went along with my day, I did a mini workout at home with some jump squats, burpees, and push ups. I even did some yoga to stretch and relax.

I didn’t really feel hungry throughout the day but I did begin to get very cold. I’m usually cold most of the times but today I felt it everywhere.

By 6 pm, I felt exhausted and drained. I got a little worried, I ended up researching any side affects of the cleanse and some that were mentioned were cold flu like symptoms, tired, weak, brain fog, headaches, etc.

I guess that means the cleanse is working! HA.

Even though I feel this way, I know that this will benefit my body. It’s getting rid of any bad bacteria in my body. I am really looking forward to how I feel in the next couple of days.


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